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The Power of Center

" Reside in the truth of who you are and BE FREE."
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With BEING FREE sessions, Experience THE TRUTH of WHO YOU ARE!!
  • Inner Peace
  • Ease with relationships
  • Freedom from addictive behavior
  • Deep Comfort
  • Renewed Health


What if it is true it is not your fault but 100% your responsibility to clear old memory and data by just pressing the delete button. Please call for assistance and a short free intro into this work to see if it delivers a life changing promise.

Do your thoughts create fear and worry?

Has Therapy or spiritual practice only taken you so far?

Is resisting what is taking it's toll?

It doesn’t take years of therapy or of silent
meditation to access your true nature, your power of center.
By using this moment, with lightning speed you can let go of the patterns you have been holding onto for years. As faulty perceptions drop, you will recover your peace of mind, opening to more imperturbability, strength and confidence.

Call or email for more information, a free sample or to book a phone session

Grab your self a cup of tea and enjoy the conversation.

Dates to be announced.

Free (BEING FREE) Releasing Call:






November 18th, 2011 Friday evening

5 pm PST

Here is what one participant said about the call:

Dear Carol,
Thank you for a great call dealing with something that I am very familiar with. Getting overwhelmed with all there is to do, feeling like I should be more productive or accomplish something. Or I am going to get too far behind and miss opportunities. I feel guilty for relaxing. I could feel the knots in my stomach as I released with the caller that was working. This sinking feeling. Then after we did the release I was able to get all neutral and realized it was ok. I went to work and it really helped. I stayed calm when things could have been a loss. I could see obvious solutions that weren't previously there. Anyway, thank you so much. You are as clear headed and as wise as ever.

Lots of love, Marjory

Feel free to invite anyone you think may benefit from these calls. New emails can be sent to

The feelings that arise are just residue from past thoughts, they are not a harbinger of bad things to come or even something that we must do something about now! All that appears now is created by the thought before. The past only comes into the future if we resist the feeling in the moment that was created by the past."
Carol Small
Check out Nourished Body section for Free consult!

“Carol is a master . . . she’s brilliant at honing in on core issues. She has helped me undo patterns that years of therapy didn’t touch.”
--J.B. Life Coach

Carol has helped me with her in-depth, eclectic self-exploration which has given her the intuition and a laser beam ability to get to the core of a false belief that holds destructive patterns in place. She has helped me see with crystal clarity the truth of who I really am. This awareness quickly dissolved long standing suffering. The same stressful job doesn’t bother me as much; I’m less tense and more flexible with change; I am happier and more content. What more could you want?”
K.P. Writer

Try a few minutes free of a phone session.
See how quickly and easily old patterns can change. Allow just a little more interest in the presence of awareness, and welcome your reactions in a way that dissolves even long standing suffering. Be free!

For the last 25 years the art of bringing truth awareness has been my passion. My commitment to you is to support your growing awareness of who you really are. Real change comes from knowing your true identity rather than identifying with your story or problem as if it WERE you. I can hardly wait to experience with you the dropping away of the blocks to pure awareness, and simply enjoy the peace that comes with trust in the next moment.
-- Carol Small

The more we are able to abide as presence, the deeper joy will be realized. This is also true for conscious suffering. Being present with emotional pain may be uncomfortable for the body and yet, when we resist nothing with courage and endurance, the observing is the power that transforms the suffering into real happiness and bliss. Neither acting out, nor repressing, the invitation is to merely watch. Observe the 'mind' and how it assists the spin into deeper negative states. In this willingness, conscious suffering DOES have an end. The harmonizing and unifying factor is the love that the witness truly is. It burns everything into itself ... wise love. "IN" is the only way out. ~ All Love, Katie Davis, Author, "Awake Joy"

Enjoy this song of Peace, ALWAYS HERE By Kirtana